Classic British Biscuits

british, cookies, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, refined sugar-free

biscuits: jammie dodgers, party rings, custard creams and bourbons

highlights: fun to make, nostalgic, great with a cuppa, bourbon biscuits were nice and crunchy, biscuits look like real thing with these awesome cutters, better texture after being chilled | lowlights: jammie dodgers, party rings and custard creams were a little on soft/chewy side (may do better with a slightly longer bake time), but firmed up and were more crunchy when stored in the fridge; biscuit dough is a little fiddly to handle | rating: 5/5 (my favorite being custard creams)

Cod Fish Balls

asian, grain-free

highlights: somewhat edible, third time “lucky” (two failed attempts with different recipes: one with cod and the other with mackerel), firm, do not fall apart, freezable, great in soups, ramen and curries, less fishy than mackerel | lowlights: not bouncy, a bit mealy, takes a lot of work, not worth the effort, makes everything smell fishy | rating: 1/5